Field (On-Site) Engineering

Autegra offers engineering assistance for the agreed time period or when it comes to need. This means that an engineer from Autegra will be physically present in your company and be part of your project team or development department.

There are several good reasons to use our on-site services:
We can cover the urgent lack of professional staff at critical time of project development,
We can provide you with the skills and knowledge that you or your employees currently do not own,
We can offer an idea based on our knowledge and skills.

Our engineers are used to working on a variety of projects for a wide range of clients. Our field engineer is eclectic from the first day, he quickly meets the systems and solves the tasks he is in charge of. You will have motivated and dedicated engineers, which often leads to improvements to an already established development department or team. Our engineers treat all data with high confidentiality and they make sure that all new knowledge is transferred at the beginning or at the end of the rental time.

As a client, it is possible to choose long-term cooperation with us, where we provide the optimum amount of appropriate engineers for your business. These engineers will be well versed in the appropriate products, methods and needs of the work, and will be in full swing, as if they were a permanent part of your engineering staff.